How Long Do NiNH Batteries Last?

Many consumers would ask, ' How long do NiMH batteries last?’ before or after purchasing a NiMH battery. It is a complex question to answer as a professional battery manufacturer.

There are three ways to measure battery life, run time, shelf time, and cycle life. Run time refers to how long a NiMH battery will run on a single use. The run time of a NiMH battery is dependent on which device the NiMH battery is used. The shelf life refers to how long the NiMH battery can sit on the shelf without going bad before you charge it. Shelf lifetimes are affected by the quality of the battery. So higher quality manufacturers produce higher quality batteries.

Cycle life refers to how many complete charges and discharges a NiMH battery can be used before it no longer holds a charge. As we all know, the cycle life of brand NiMH batteries can be charged 500-1000 times.

Generally speaking, NiMH batteries have a shorter cycle life than NiCad batteries. Because of the higher capacity, the NiMH batteries win their place in the battery market when compared with the NiCad batteries.

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How many cycles can NiMH batteries be charged?

Normally, it is expected that a standard NiMH battery's charge/discharge cycle is 500-1000 times, but different brand NiMH batteries may vary.

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How long do NiMH batteries last if not used?

Generally, NiMH batteries will last about five years or so and are used and recharged regularly. However, the life span of a NiMH battery will be shorter if it is not used or recharged for a long time.

It is reported that an average family normally uses some 70 alkaline batteries per year. If the options change from alkaline batteries to NiMH batteries, the quantities of the batteries will decrease a lot.

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Post time: Dec-29-2022