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What is a 18650 Lithium Battery?
An 18650 lithium battery is a cylindrical rechargeable battery with a nominal voltage of 3.7 volts and a capacity of 2600mAh to 3500mAh.

Basic Introduction of 18650 Lithium Battery?

An 18650 lithium battery is a type of rechargeable battery commonly used in portable electronics, smartphones, cameras, flashlights, and other portable devices. A 18650 lithium battery has a cylindrical shape and contains a cathode, an anode, and a separator that hold the two electrodes apart. The number ‘18650’ of the 18650 battery refers to the battery size, which is 18 mm in diameter and 65 mm in length.

18650 Battery Size

Uses of the 18650 Lithium Battery

The 18650 lithium battery can be found in a variety of devices and applications, ranging from laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic equipment.

Laptops: One of the most common uses for the 18650 lithium battery is in laptops. Many laptops are powered by 18650 lithium batteries, which could provide a steady supply of energy for the devices. This helps to extend the laptop's battery life, as the battery does not need to be recharged as often.

Smartphones: Most modern smartphones are powered by 18650 lithium batteries. These 18650 batteries can store large amounts of energy, allowing the phone to run longer without needing to be recharged.

Medical Equipment: 18650 lithium batteries are also widely used in medical equipment such as defibrillators and pacemakers. These devices require a steady power supply provided by the 18650 lithium battery. Additionally, these 18650 batteries are lightweight, making them easy to transport, and they can be recharged hundreds of times before needing to be replaced.

Advantages of the 18650 Lithium Battery

18650 lithium batteries offer several advantages over traditional batteries, making them popular for many applications.

High Energy Density: The 18650 lithium battery is popular because it offers several advantages over traditional batteries. It has a high energy density, meaning it can store more energy per unit than many other types of batteries, such as the NiMH battery.

Lightweight: The 18650 lithium battery is also much lighter than traditional batteries, making them ideal for portable devices such as laptops and mobile phones. This helps to make the device easier to carry, as the battery will not add significant weight.

Rechargeable: The 18650 lithium battery is also rechargeable, meaning it can be used hundreds of times before needing to be replaced. This makes them a cost-effective option for devices that require frequent use, as the user will not need to replace the battery as often.

Safety: The 18650 lithium battery is also much safer than other types of batteries, as they do not contain toxic chemicals that can leak out and cause harm to the environment. Additionally, they are less prone to overheating, reducing the risk of fire or explosions.

Disadvantages of the 18650 Lithium Battery

Despite their many advantages, 18650 lithium batteries do have some drawbacks.

High Cost: One of the main disadvantages of 18650 lithium batteries is their high cost when compared with other traditional devices. They are more expensive than other types of batteries, like NiMH battery, making them unsuitable for applications where cost is a major factor.

Charge Time: Another drawback of 18650 lithium batteries is that they take longer to charge than other types of batteries. This can be inconvenient for users who need to quickly charge their devices.

Environmental Impact: Finally, 18650 lithium batteries have a negative environmental impact, as they are made from non-renewable resources and can be difficult to recycle effectively. This means that they should be used sparingly and disposed of responsibly to minimize their environmental impact.

Protected vs Unprotected 18650 Batteries

Protected and unprotected 18650 batteries are two types of rechargeable lithium-ion battery used in many consumer electronics, such as laptops and smartphones. The difference between them is that protected 18650 batteries have an additional layer of protection to prevent overcharging and overdischarging. Unprotected batteries do not have this extra layer of safety.

When it comes to choosing a 18650 battery, safety should always be at the forefront. Protected 18650 batteries are designed to last longer than unprotected ones, so they’re worth considering if you plan on using your device for long periods of time or in tough conditions.

Protected 18650 batteries come with a built-in protection circuit that helps maintain the health of the battery. It prevents overcharging, overdischarging, short-circuiting, and other potential problems that could damage the battery or the device itself. This safety feature makes protected 18650 batteries ideal for use in high-drain devices and applications where the current draw is unpredictable.

The downside of protected 18650 batteries is that they tend to be more expensive than unprotected ones. Additionally, the protection circuit adds a bit of extra weight, which may be undesirable for some applications which need a lightweight feature.

Unprotected 18650 batteries are lighter and cheaper, but they don’t have the same level of protection as the protected 18650 batteries. Without the protection circuit, these batteries can be damaged by overcharging and overdischarging, potentially leading to fires or explosions. They’re best suited for low-drain devices and applications where the current draw is predictable and consistent.

In summary, when it comes to 18650 batteries, protected and unprotected models both have their advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking, protected batteries offer better safety features and a longer lifespan, while unprotected batteries are lighter and more affordable.


Overall, the 18650 lithium battery is a popular choice for many applications due to their high energy density, light weight, rechargeability, and safety. However, they can be more expensive than other types of batteries and may take longer to charge. Additionally, they have a negative environmental impact, so they should be used and disposed of responsibly.

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