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As one of China's industry-leading NiMH battery suppliers, WeiJiang Power has specialized in NiMH battery design, engineering, and manufacturing for over 13 years, providing the highest levels of custom NiMH batteries with safety and consistency. 

We could help customize NiMH batteries in any size, capacity, design, layout, and other aspects. We offer a free NiMH rechargeable battery sample, and the MOQ is 10 pieces. Our technical expertise ensures we meet your custom NiMH battery requirements safely and quickly. Please speak to our team for custom NiMH battery solutions tailored to your requirements.

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Custom NiMH Battery Tailored to Your Needs

Here we consider all your concerns and provide the right NiMH battery for you! We provide customized NiMH battery service from the NiMH battery cell to the NiMH battery package. We produce custom NiMH battery in different sizescapacitiesterminal types, and more. Whether you want a simple 800mAh AA NiMH rechargeable battery or a custom 800mAh 2/3A NiMH rechargeable battery, we can provide it for you.

1. NiMH Battery Size

We have NiMH batteries in all standard sizes, including AA NiMH battery, AAA NiMH battery, C NiMH battery, D NiMH battery, and 9V NiMH battery, as well as some special NiMH battery sizes, including A NiMH battery, 2/3A NiMH battery, 4/3A NiMH battery, and other types NiMH battery.

Different NiMH Battery Sizes

Different NiMH Battery Sizes

Special NiMH Battery Size

Special NiMH Battery Sizes

2. NiMH Battery Capacity

We have different NiMH battery capacities to meet your company's needs, from 80mAh to 10000 mAh. For AA rechargeable batteries, you’ll find capacities between 600 mAh and 2,300 mAh; for AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries, rechargeable batteries range from 600 mAh to 1,100 mAh. The below NiMH batteries Specification Form is only for reference. Other NiMH battery options are also available. CONTACT US about your specific NiMH battery needs.

Format Model   Size  Capacity(mAh)   Height(mm)  Diameter(mm) Standard Charge Current(mA) Standard Charge Time(h) Rapid Charge Current(mA) Rapid Charge Time(h)
A 28A1200 ⅔A 1200 28.5 17.0 120 16 1200 1.2
43A1700 ⅘A 1700 43.0 17.0 170 16 850 2.4
43A1800 ⅘A 1800 43.0 17.0 180 16 900 2.4
50A2000 A 2000 50.0 17.0 200 16 1000 2.4
50A2200 A 2200 50.0 17.0 220 16 1100 2.4
50A2300 A 2300 50.0 17.0 230 16 1500 2.4
67A2800 /A 2800 67.0 17.0 280 16 1400 2.4
67A3300 /A 3300 67.0 17.0 330 16 1650 2.4
61A3500 /A 3500 67.0 17.0 350 16 1750 2.4
AA 28AA650 ⅔AA 650 29.0 14.5 65 16 650 1.2
28AA750 ⅔AA 750 29.0 14.5 75 16 750 1.2
43AAl100 ⅘AA 1100 43.0 14.5 110 16 1100 1.2
43AAl200 ⅘AA 1200 43.0 14.5 120 16 1200 1.2
50AAI300 AA 1300 50.5 14.5 130 16 1300 1.2
50AAI500 AA 1500 50.5 14.5 150 16 1500 1.2
50AAI600 AA 1600 50.5 14.5 160 16 800 2.4
50AAI800 AA 1800 50.5 14.5 180 16 900 2.4
50AAI2000 AA 2000 50.5 14.5 200 16 1000 2.4
50AAI2200 AA 2200 50.5 14.5 220 16 1100 2.4
50AAI2300 AA 2300 50.5 14.5 230 16 1150 2.4
AAA 11AAA80 ¼AAA 80 11.5 10.5 8 16 80 1.2
15AAA120 ⅓AAA 120 15.0 10.5 12 16 120 1.2
20AAA210 ½AAA 210 20.5 10.5 21 16 210 1.2
28AAA300 ⅔AAA 300 28.0 10.5 30 16 300 1.2
36AAA400 ⅘AAA 400 36.0 10.5 40 16 400 1.2
44AAA600 AAA 600 44.5 10.5 60 16 600 1.2
44AAA650 AAA 650 44.5 10.5 65 16 650 1.2
44AAA700 AAA 700 44.5 10.5 70 16 700 1.2
44AAA800 AAA 800 44.5 10.5 80 16 400 2.4
44AAA850 AAA 850 44.5 10.5 85 16 425 2.4
44AAA900 AAA 900 44.5 10.5 90 16 450 2.4
50AAA800 L-AAA 800 50.0 10.5 80 16 400 2.4
67AAA950 LL-AAA 850 67.0 10.5 95 16 950 1.2
SC 43SC2500 SC 2500 43.0 22.5 250 16 1250 2.4
43SC2600 SC 2600 43.0 22.5 260 16 1300 2.4
43SC2800 SC 2800 43.0 22.5 280 16 1400 2.4
43SC3000 SC 3000 43.0 22.5 300 16 1500 2.4
44SC3300 SC 3300 44.0 22.5 330 16 1650 2.4
C 50C4000 C 4000 50.5 2.5 400 16 2000 2.4
50C5000 C 5000 50.5 2.5 500 16 2500 2.4
D 6D8000 D 8000 60.5 32.5 800 16 1600 6.5
60D9000 D 9000 60.5 32.5 900 16 1800 6.5
60D10000 D 10000 60.5 32.5 1000 16 2000 6.5
F 90F11000 F 11000 90.5 32.5 1100 16 2200 6.5
90F13000 F 13000 90.5 32.5 1300 16 2600 6.5

3. NiMH Battery Terminal Type

5. NiMH Battery Outer Package

We provide outer packages with high customizability for your NiMH battery, and you can print your logo, barcode, brand name, battery safety guidelines, and other relevant informationA good NiMH battery package can brand your product effectively and boost sales, whether promoting your NiMH battery via online e-commerce or physical retail outlets.

NiMH battery terminal type-flat top
NiMH battery terminal type-button top
NiMH battery terminal type-nickel tabs

4. NiMH Battery Sticker

The NiMH battery sticker is prepared with maximum customization. The battery sticker could be embedded with all sorts of information, like your brand name, the NiMH battery capacity, the NiMH battery size, and more. Below is the battery sticker for WeiJiang NiMH Battery.

Flat top

Button top

Nickel tabs

BATTERY Manufacturer

Best NiMH Battery Manufacturer, Factory, Supplier In China

WeiJiang was founded in 2010 and is one of China's leading NiMH battery manufacturers, factories & suppliers, accepting OEM and ODM orders. 

We have one of China's largest NiMH battery production plants, with two assembly lines for prototype, small, and urgent custom NiMH battery orders. 

Private labels and custom packagings for large or small NiMH battery clients are available.

OEM/ ODM available, making design freely for nimh battery.

No MOQ limits for retailers, wholesalers, distributors.

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Don’t you find what you are looking for?

If you can't find a suitable battery on our website, please let us know the capacity, voltage, and usage, then email the form to
In order to give you a quote, we must know the battery type, pack size, voltage and capacity, application, discharge rate, etc. 

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How We Can Help You Create A Custom NiMH Battery

Provides a simplified four-layer approach to custom battery design and manufacturing by enabling added value throughout your custom NiMH battery life cycle. We work directly with our customers to provide a custom design process to meet their unique battery needs.

Whether you are looking to implement designs that provide high performance in challenging environments, manage gas metering and balancing, or provide enhanced encryption, there is a turnkey approach to custom battery solutions.

The following value-added services are provided:

Custom design

Rapid Prototyping

Quality Components, Testing and ISO Standards

Flexible Design Management

Our design and production staff can also produce these batteries with various housing options. These designs range from simple shrink wrap designs that include wire and connector charging protection to more complex schemes that include encapsulated plastic housings with custom-designed terminal connections and full smart battery functionality.

Custom Nimh Battery

Commercial Product Professional NiMH Battery Designer

Custom NiMH Battery Manufacturers and Suppliers

If you need a professional supplier of NiMH batteries for commercial products, weijiang has years of combined experience in designing and developing custom designed and manufactured NiMH batteries for various industrial and mobile electronic applications, commercial and retail products.

These specialized NiMH batteries are designed for many high-end applications, typically: consumer electronics (such as digital cameras) requiring rechargeable batteries, automotive and vehicle battery power units and backup power units, redundancy for large scale applications Power units for the telecommunications and railway infrastructure industries.

1. Consumer high-capacity batteries

This series has higher capacity and longer working hours.

With stable production technology, advanced automation equipment and strict process control, Highpower integrates high-quality products and is a leading manufacturer of AA2500 and AAA950 with the largest production capacity in China.

2. Low-cost NiMH batteries

In response to the gradual withdrawal of Ni-CD batteries from the market, we have launched alternatives to Ni-MH low-cost batteries, including AA, AAA, C, D and other models, with similar discharge characteristics to Ni-CD batteries, but with higher energy density High, longer life and environmentally friendly, it is an ideal portable power source to replace nickel CD batteries.

Why Choose WeiJiang as Your NiMH Battery Provider?

Here you can explore a massive range of bulk nimh batteries at competitive prices. With our rich technical experiences and a team of experts, we offer you top-quality China nimh batteries. We have the best deals on nimh batteries for international buyers. You can make customizations in the product according to your needs.

We have a number of stable raw material suppliers, which can control the quality and cost very well.

Keeping raw materials stocks for some common nimh battery, fastest delivery.

We also can do different solutions according to the customers’ requirements in price or parameters.

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rechargeable battery factory

Have a Special Requirement?

Generally, we have common nimh battery packs products and raw materials in stock. For your special demand, we offer you our customization service. We accept OEM/ODM. We could print your Logo or brand name on battery packs body. For an accurate quotation, you need to tell us the following information:


Please tell us requirements for voltage; Currents; and if need to add extra function such as temperature, capacity, or dimensions of the Battery Compartment etc.


No MOQ limit. But for the Max quantities, it will help you get the cheaper price. More quantity ordered, the lower price you could get. 


Tell us your application or detail information for your projects. We can offer you the best choice, meanwhile, our engineers can give you more suggestions under your budget.

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Contact us today for a custom NiMH battery

For more information on our custom NiMH battery assembly options, please get in touch with our sales team or request a quote today for direct pricing information. WeiJiang is an industry-leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art custom NiMH battery components.

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