• Nimh Battery Pack 21.6v Hot Popular | Weijiang Power
  • Nimh Battery Pack 21.6v Hot Popular | Weijiang Power
  • Nimh Battery Pack 21.6v Hot Popular | Weijiang Power
  • Nimh Battery Pack 21.6v Hot Popular | Weijiang Power

Nimh Battery Pack 21.6v Hot Popular | Weijiang Power

Customized 21.6v Ni-MH battery packs are available in a variety of sizes and capacities, with strong applicability, and we can also make various combinations according to customer needs.
Custom 21.6v Ni-MH battery pack, quality assurance — the raw materials are from A-grade batteries, with high capacity, low internal resistance and stable voltage.
Custom Ni-MH battery pack, long cycle life — under normal use, charge and discharge more than 500 times
21.6v Ni-MH battery , good high rate charge and discharge performance — the battery can be charged quickly within 1~3 hours, and the discharge condition can reach 10~20 times
21.6v Ni-MH battery pack, high discharge platform, memory effect — the battery must be fully discharged before charging to ensure the service life, high quality, best price, fast delivery time

  • Nimh Battery Pack 21.6v Hot Popular | Weijiang Power
  • Nimh Battery Pack 21.6v Hot Popular | Weijiang Power

Ni-MH battery pack applications:

1. Communication equipment: cordless phones, mobile phones, walkie-talkies
2. Lighting: emergency lights, solar lights, searchlights, flashlights
3. Electronic toys: remote control cars, remote control boats, airplanes, model airplanes
4. Electric tools: electric drill, electric planer, electric saw, electric batch
5. Other uses: electric shavers, massagers, electric toothbrushes
Suitable for cordless phones, solar lighting, power drills, shavers, emergency lighting, backup power, cordless tools, power tools, flashlights, flashlights, barcode scanners, batteries and more.

Professional battery manufacturer
Huizhou Shenzhou Super Power Technology Co Ltd was established in 2010 and mainly produces various batteries. Our main products include dry batteries (carbon and alkaline), lead-acid batteries (common batteries, car batteries), Ni-MH/Ni-CD batteries and battery packs, lithium batteries (Li-ion, Li-PO). With six manufacturing plants of about 200,00 square meters and a high-quality workforce, Weijiang has grown into a professional battery group in Huizhou area.

Quality is our life
As a battery manufacturing group for different types of batteries. We are well aware of the importance of quality, so we have invested heavily in advanced production facilities and testing equipment. We have a strong R&D and skilled worker team. Based on ISO9001, we have established a complete quality control system. We always maintain our leading position in technology and quality control in the battery field.
It helps us to always provide quality products to our customers. Large capacity, we export more than 50 containers of batteries to countries all over the world every month.

best service for you
We have established a sales team of 10 saleswomen/salesmen in the center of Huizhou. Our team is an experienced sales force and our motto is: To provide the best service to each customer every time. We are good at ODM orders and OEM projects. If you are in the battery business, come to us, believe you will find that you are working with the right partner: Huizhou Shenzhou Super Power Technology Co Ltd.

  • Small order & competitive price.
  • Focus on battery solutions for over 12 years.
  • OEM and customize available.


PVC Colors According to customers' require
Brand Weijiang
Model NI-MH
Voltage 1.2v-26.4v
Battery Capacity Customize
Sample Free
Nominal Capacity Customize

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