C NiMH Battery Solutions in All Sizes
Weijiang Power offers a wide range of C NiMH batteries in different sizes and capacities to meet diverse needs. Our C NiMH battery collection includes standard C size NiMH batteries, 2/5 C size, 3/5 C size, and other custom sizes that can be tailored to meet specific requirements. We have the expertise and experience to deliver the right battery solution for your needs.

Custom C NiMH Battery

Custom C NiMH Battery for Diverse Needs

Whether you need a high-capacity, long-lasting battery for a portable medical device or a high-performance battery for a remote-controlled toy, we can design and manufacture different C NiMH batteries that meet your needs. Many LED flashlights use 2/5 C NiMH batteries for a consistent and reliable power source over time, some handheld GPS devices use 3/5 C NiMH batteries because they are lightweight and can provide enough power for a single charge, and C NiMH batteries are often used in high-powered flashlights and lanterns.

 C NiMH Battery Applications

Overall Custom Solutions for C NiMH Battery

Our custom C NiMH rechargeable battery solutions can be optimized for specific capacity, voltage, package, discharge rates, and cycle life, ensuring superior performance and reliability. At Weijiang Power, we are committed to providing high-quality custom C NiMH battery solutions that meet our client's unique requirements and exceed their expectations. Contact us with your custom C NiMH battery needs.

Custom Options for AA NiMH Battery

Detail Specifications for C NiMH Batteries in All Sizes

  Size  Capacity (mAh)   Voltage (V)  Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Standard Charge Current (mA) Standard Charge Time (h)
2/5C 1100 1.2 25.20 22.5±0.5 110 12
2/5C 1200 1.2 25.20 22.5±0.5 120 12
3/5C 1800 1.2 25.20 29.0±0.5 180 12
3/5C 2100 1.2 25.20 29.0±0.5 210 12
4/5C 2400 1.2 25.20 38.0±0.5 240 12
4/5C 3000 1.2 25.20 38.0±0.5 300 12
C 3000 1.2 25.20 49.0±0.5 300 12
C 3500 1.2 25.20 49.0±0.5 350 12
C 4000 1.2 25.20 49.0±0.5 400 12

Why Choose Weijiang Power as NiMH Battery Supplier?

Free Battery Samples Available Flexible MOQs (100 pcs) 15 Days Average Lead Time Quick Response within 24 Hours Bulk Order at Factory Prices FCC, RoHS and CE certified
Free Battery Samples Available
Flexible MOQs (From 100 pcs)
15 Days Average Lead Time
Quick Response within 24 Hours
Bulk Order at Factory Prices
FCC, RoHS and CE certified

Case Study-Custom C NiMH Battery Pack for Electric Scooter Brand

Requirement of Electric Scooter Brand Owner

A brand owner of electric scooters is looking to improve their product's power source and make it more cost-effective and sustainable for their customers. They plan to switch from using a lead-acid battery pack to a more efficient and reliable NiMH battery pack. By making this switch, they can provide customers with longer-lasting and more reliable power for their scooters.

Custom 6V or 12V C NiMH Battery Solutions

We suggested customizing 6V or 12V NiMH battery pack to meet the specific energy and power requirements of each scooter model after analyzing their product portfolio and customer needs. Our team of experts will work closely with the brand owner to design and develop the best battery solutions to optimize the performance of their electric scooters. With our custom C NiMH battery solutions, the brand owner can gain a strategic, competitive advantage in the electric scooter market.

Case Study-C NiMH battery for E-scooter
What battery certifications are must-have when sourcing C NiMH batteries?

Some common certifications to look for include UL, CE, RoHS, and ISO 9001, which ensure quality, safety, and environmental compliance.

Can C NiMH batteries be shipped internationally?

Yes, custom C NiMH batteries can be shipped internationally when complying with international shipping regulations and guidelines for transporting rechargeable batteries, such as UN38.3 and MSDS.

What is the lead time for manufacturing custom C NiMH batteries?

Lead times for custom C NiMH batteries can vary depending on the complexity of the design and our production capacity, but typically range from 5 to 20 days.

Can C NiMH battery packs be designed with custom connectors or wiring?

Yes, C NiMH battery packs can be designed with specific connectors, wiring, or cable assemblies to meet your application's requirements.

What factors affect the price of custom C NiMH batteries?

Factors impacting the price of custom C NiMH batteries include the choice of materials, production complexity, order quantity, and the battery's specifications.

Can I order custom C NiMH batteries in small quantities for prototyping or testing purposes?

Yes, we offer low-volume production or sample orders, allowing you to test and evaluate custom C NiMH batteries before committing to larger production runs.

Do you offer technical support and guidance throughout the design process for custom C NiMH battery and NiMH battery pack?

Yes, as a reputable C NiMH battery manufacturer in China, we will typically provide technical support and guidance, working closely with you to ensure that the final product meets your requirements and expectations.

Can custom C NiMH battery pack be designed with built-in safety features?

Yes, custom C NiMH batteries can include safety features such as overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, and thermal management to ensure safe and reliable operation.

What is the typical voltage of a C NiMH battery?

A single C NiMH cell has a nominal voltage of 1.2V, but custom battery packs can be designed to achieve the desired voltage by connecting multiple cells in series.

What is the typical capacity range of C NiMH batteries?

The capacity of custom C NiMH batteries can vary depending on the client's requirements, but generally ranges from 2,000 mAh to 6,000 mAh.

What applications are suitable for C NiMH batteries?

C NiMH batteries are ideal for professional and industrial applications, including power tools, electric bikes, emergency lighting, medical equipment, backup power sources, and other high-drain devices.

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