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Get More out of Your Devices with 9V NiMH Battery

Weijiang Power aims to meet all your 9V NiMH rechargeable battery needs. Compared to alkaline batteries, our rechargeable 9V NiMH batteries reduce waste and save you money in the long run. We offer 9V NiMH batteries in various capacities, from 170mAh to 350mAh so you can find the perfect balance of power and runtime for your specific needs.

9V NiMH Battery with different Capacities

Flexible 9V NiMH Battery Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications

9V NiMH rechargeable batteries are popular for powering a wide range of electronic devices. They can be used in smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, wireless mice and keyboards, guitar effects pedals, and children's toys. The 9V NiMH battery is a very versatile size and can replace disposable alkaline batteries in many applications. However, 9V NiMH rechargeable batteries typically have lower capacity than the larger AA and AAA NiMH batteries, so they may not power devices for as long on a single charge. Still, 9V NiMH rechargeable batteries are a great sustainable alternative to single-use batteries and can help reduce waste while saving money in the long run. For some applications like smoke detectors, 9V NiMH batteries can provide constant standby power for many months between charges.

9V NiMH battery applications

Perfect Custom Solutions for 9V NiMH Battery

With the ability to customize the size, capacity, discharge rate, cycle life, package, and voltage of AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, the possibilities are endless for powering the devices. Custom AA NiMH batteries can be designed to meet specific voltage, capacity, and shape requirements, making them an ideal solution for companies looking to optimize their device's performance and reduce their environmental impact using rechargeable batteries. 

D Size NiMH Battery Custom Options

Detail Specifications for 9V NiMH Batteries in All Sizes

  Size  Capacity (mAh)  Dimensions (mm) Standard Charge Current (mA) Standard Charge Time (h)
9V 170 48 x 26 x 16 (H x L x W) 17 15
9V 200 48 x 26 x 16 (H x L x W) 20 15
9V 250 48 x 26 x 16 (H x L x W) 25 15
9V 280 48 x 26 x 16 (H x L x W) 28 15
9V 300 48 x 26 x 16 (H x L x W) 30 15
9V 350 48 x 26 x 16 (H x L x W) 35 15

Why Choose Weijiang Power as NiMH Battery Supplier?

Free Battery Samples Available Flexible MOQs (100 pcs) 15 Days Average Lead Time Quick Response within 24 Hours Bulk Order at Factory Prices FCC, RoHS and CE certified
Free Battery Samples Available
Flexible MOQs (From 100 pcs)
15 Days Average Lead Time
Quick Response within 24 Hours
Bulk Order at Factory Prices
FCC, RoHS and CE certified

Case Study-Custom 9V NiMH Battery for Smoke Alarm

Requirement of Smoke Alarm Brand Owner

The brand owner of a leading smoke alarm system has recognized the need for a more efficient and eco-friendly power solution to enhance their product's performance and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. By integrating 9V NiMH batteries with smoke alarm system, they can offer consumers a more cost-effective and eco-friendly power source for their smoke alarms, ensuring increased safety and reliability.

Custom 9V NiMH Battery Solutions for Smoke Alarm

We recommended tailoring 9V NiMH batteries to meet each smoke alarm model's specific power and longevity requirements after conducting thorough market research. Collaborating closely with the brand, we provided continuous support to help maximize the efficiency and performance of the 9V NiMH battery. The brand establishes a unique position in the market and achieves superior profit margins with innovative power solutions for its smoke alarm systems.

FAQs about Custom 9V NiMH Battery

Do you offer private labeling for 9V NiMH batteries?

Yes, we offer private labeling services for bulk orders of 9V NiMH batteries. We can customize the battery label, casing, and packaging to your specifications.

Do you have ROHS and CE certifications for your 9V NiMH batteries?

Yes, all of our 9V NiMH batteries are ROHS and CE certified. We comply with all relevant health, safety, and environmental regulations.

Do you test every 9V NiMH battery before shipment?

We test samples from every production batch to ensure our 9V NiMH batteries meet strict quality standards before shipping. Each battery is visually inspected as well.

Do you offer a warranty on your 9V NiMH batteries?

We offer a 1-year limited warranty on our 9V NiMH batteries. High quality batteries that are properly maintained and charged/discharged according to specifications may last well beyond the warranty period.

What is the capacity of your 9V NiMH batteries?

Our 9V NiMH batteries have a capacity range from 170mAh to 350mAh. 

What is the shelf life of your 9V NiMH batteries?

Our 9V NiMH batteries can last 2-3 years when stored in a cool environment. The capacity may drop slightly over time, but they will still work.

What is the normal charging time for your 9V NiMH batteries?

It typically takes 12 to 16 hours to charge depleted 9V NiMH batteries fully. Faster charging is available, but it may reduce the battery lifespan.

Do you offer smart chargers for 9V NiMH batteries?

Yes, we offer high-quality smart chargers that can charge each 9V NiMH battery individually. They prevent overcharging and maximize battery life.

What is the maximum recharge cycles for your 9V NiMH batteries?

Under normal usage, our high-quality 9V NiMH batteries can last 500 to 1000 recharge cycles.

Are your 9V NiMH batteries compatible with NiCd chargers?

Yes, 9V NiMH batteries can be charged using NiCd chargers. However, NiMH batteries have specific charging requirements to maximize performance. We recommend using a NiMH-compatible smart charger.

Can I use a 9V NiMH battery to replace an alkaline battery?

Yes, 9V NiMH batteries can replace alkaline batteries. However, when fully charged, the voltage will be slightly lower at around 8.4V compared to 9V for alkalines. Check that the equipment can operate at a lower voltage before replacement.

What happens if I overcharge or over-discharge a 9V NiMH battery?

Overcharging or over-discharging a 9V NiMH battery can damage it and decrease its lifespan. It can cause oxidation and electrolyte breakdown. Always follow the recommended charging and storage procedures for NiMH batteries.

Can I revive an old 9V NiMH battery that is not holding a charge?

It may be possible to revive certain old 9V NiMH batteries by discharging and recharging them a few times. However, if a battery is completely dead, it generally cannot be recovered and should be replaced.

Can 9V NiMH batteries replace lithium batteries?

In some cases, yes. But lithium 9V batteries typically have a higher energy density and voltage. NiMH is more economical but lithium may have better performance for some high-drain uses. Check your device specs.

What is the voltage of a 9V NiMH battery?

The nominal voltage is 9 volts. The fully charged voltage is around 9.6V and discharged voltage is around 8.4V.

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