• 6v nimh 2/3AAA rechargeable battery pack Custom | Weijiang Power
  • 6v nimh 2/3AAA rechargeable battery pack Custom | Weijiang Power

6v nimh 2/3AAA rechargeable battery pack Custom | Weijiang Power

Short Description:

Custom 6v nimh rechargeable battery pack Accept customized of various specifications free samples test.Our company has nearly 13 years of experience in exporting battery factories, and has a R&D team with nearly 30 years of experience, mainly producing nimh and lithium batteries, serving 1,000 supply chains.

6v nimh rechargeable battery pack Wholesale in China used 1200 times, Combined with the traditional battery mode, it has the appearance of a normal battery upports unlimited charging.

6v nimh rechargeable battery pack for use in Toys, Power Tools, Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, BOATS, Golf Carts, SUBMARINES, Electric Bicycles/Scooters, Electric Folklifts, electric vehicles, Electric Wheelchairs, Electric Power Systems, Solar Energy Storage Systems, Uninterruptible Power Supplies

  • 6v nimh 2/3AAA rechargeable battery pack Custom | Weijiang Power

How to make a suitable 6v battery pack:

1. The voltage of the battery pack is the same as that of the original battery pack (that is, the number of V is the same)
2. The battery pack plug is the same as the original battery pack, please consult us for details
3. The picture and cable length of the battery pack need to be provided
If the above three conditions are met, the mAH that can be used by a 6v nimh battery generally does not affect the use. The larger the mAH, the longer the use time.

Notes on nimh rechargeable battery packs
1. Do not install the battery in reverse, disassemble it, or put it together with metal objects such as keys;
2. When the battery power is about to run out, please charge it as soon as possible, otherwise the battery will be scrapped soon, and the battery will be idle for a month, and it should be charged at least once;
3. Please place the battery in a dry greenhouse environment, do not place it where children can reach;
4. In case of battery leakage, please clean the contaminated skin and clothes with clean water in time, and seek medical attention in time if the situation is serious;
5. Please use a regular charger for charging;
6. Please keep away from heat and fire sources, and do not modify the battery;
7. The battery cannot be overcharged and overdischarged during use, please operate in strict accordance with the instructions;

√  Small order & competitive price.

√  Focus on battery solutions for over 12 years.

√  OEM and customize available.


PVC Colors According to customers' require
Brand Weijiang
Model NI-MH
Voltage 6Volts
Battery Capacity Customize
Sample Free
Nominal Capacity Customize
Cyle life: Up to 1200 Cycles
Certification Yes

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