• 6LR61 Alkaline 9V battery
  • 6LR61 Alkaline 9V battery
  • 6LR61 Alkaline 9V battery
  • 6LR61 Alkaline 9V battery
  • 6LR61 Alkaline 9V battery
  • 6LR61 Alkaline 9V battery

6LR61 Alkaline 9V battery

  • Size: 6LR61,9V
  • Voltage: 9V
  • Type: Alkaline
  • Delivery Time: About 25 days after confirming the order
  • Certification: CE, ROHS, IEC60086, MSDS, KC
  • OEM Service: Free Label Design & Customized packaging
  • Package: Shrink packing, Blister Card, Box packing

It provides long-lasting power to various devices: smoke/fire detectors, guitar pickups, microphones, cameras, and much more.
  • 6LR61 Alkaline 9V battery
  • 6LR61 Alkaline 9V battery
  • 6LR61 Alkaline 9V battery

Leading Alkaline 9V Battery Manufacturer in China
Model 6LR61/9V
MOQ 2000pcs
Shelf Life 5 years
Battery Sticker PET, PVC
Shelf Life 10 Years
Storage Temperature 0~35 ℃
Application Radios, appliances, flashlights, water heater, etc.

WeiJiang's 6LR61 Alkaline 9V Battery, the ultimate power source for your professional equipment.

Whether you need reliable energy for your smoke detectors, portable radios, musical instruments, doorbells, or carbon monoxide detectors, these batteries are built to deliver high-quality performance and durability.

Our 6LR61 Alkaline 9V Batteries are designed to provide long-lasting power, ensuring that your devices stay operational for extended periods. With their exceptional lifespan, you can trust these batteries to withstand heavy use and provide consistent performance, eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

We understand that professionals rely on their equipment day in and day out, which is why we have engineered our 6LR61 Alkaline 9V Batteries to meet the highest standards of reliability. Whether you are a musician, a firefighter, or a security system installer, you can count on WeeJiang batteries to deliver the power you need, when you need it.

In addition to the exceptional performance of our 6LR61 Alkaline 9V Battery, WeiJiang is proud to offer a comprehensive range of alkaline batteries for a variety of applications. From AA and AAA batteries, perfect for everyday household items like remote controls and toys, to C and D batteries, ideal for power-hungry devices like flashlights and electronic tools, we have you covered.

At WeiJiang, we are committed to providing high-quality batteries that you can rely on. We prioritize durability, long-lasting performance, and compatibility, ensuring that our batteries are compatible with a wide range of devices and deliver consistent power output.

Don't let your professional equipment suffer from unreliable power sources. Choose WeiJiang's 6LR61 Alkaline 9V Battery and experience the difference in performance and longevity. Trust us to power your devices and keep you going, no matter the task at hand. Discover the WeiJiang difference today and never let the lack of power interrupt your productivity again.

Specification for Alkaline Batteries:

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