• 24V 20Ah 18650 Li-ion Battery Pack
  • 24V 20Ah 18650 Li-ion Battery Pack

24V 20Ah 18650 Li-ion Battery Pack

Cell type: 18650 Li-ion Battery Pack 3.7v 20000mAh
Configuration: 7S10P
Voltage & Capacity: 24V 20Ah
Protection functions: overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, and short-circuit protection.
  • 24V 20Ah 18650 Li-ion Battery Pack

Key Features of  Lithium Battery Pack for Scanner Survey:

  • Reliable & safe performance, long cycle life
  • Uses the most advanced chips from Japan and the United States for Protection system (PCM/BMS)
  • Cell materials available include LiCoO2 (lithium cobalt oxide), LiMn2O4 (lithium manganese oxide), Li-Ni-Co-Mn-O (ternary material), and LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate)
  • Using Sony, Sanyo, Panasonic, Samsung, LG brand cells or other competitive cells ensures consistency, stability, and safety of the battery pack
  • Multiple parallel and series combinations and intelligent modular battery designs are possible
  • We can provide OEM/ODM battery pack services for your scanner needs

Specification of  Lithium Battery Pack for Scanner Survey:

Type Parameters
Nominal voltage 24V
Rated capacity 20Ah (0.2C discharge)
Continuous working current 1-10A
Overcurrent protection value 40A
Suitable device power ≤200W
Overcharge protection voltage 4.20V + / - 0.25V/Cell (optional)
Discharge protection voltage 2.50V + / - 0.25V/Cell (optional)
Charge mode Constant current, constant voltage
Charge voltage 29.40-30.10V
Charge current 5.0A
Charge temperature 0~45℃、45~85%RH
Discharge temperature -20~55℃、45~85%RH
Storage temperature and humidity range Short term (Over 1 month): -20~+55℃、45~85%RH
Medium term (Over 3 months):-20~+45℃、45~85%RH
Long term (Within 1 year): -5~+20℃、45~85%RH
Dimensions Refer to sample
Weight >3500g