USB to C 4 Slots rechargeable battery charger For AA AAA Ni-mh and Nicd

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Product name USB battery charger for AA/AAA batteries Input USB Type-c,5.0V/2.0A (10W)
Model WJ-004 Output 1.53V/0.4A*4
Brand IPower Compatible with Ni-MH/Ni-CD,AA,AAA
Charging time 4-6 hours Charging indicator light Red: Charging
Green: fully charged
Charging Indicators LED Charging mode Constant current pulse charging
Number of rechargeable batteries 1-4 pcs Operating temperature 0℃-35℃
Using standards For 5V/2A USB Size 86mm*71mm*36mm
Power adapter not included Weight


Daily Output of 600,000 Batteries
Free Samples Available
Custom Battery Pack Service


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Weijiang Power is an attractive option for businesses seeking high-quality batteries at affordable prices. Weijiang Power offers NiMH batteries in all sizes, including the AA NiMH batteryAAA NiMH batteryC NiMH batteryD NiMH battery9 V NiMH battery, and custom NiMH battery packs. Weijiang Power has invested in advanced technology to improve AAA NiMH battery performance and efficiency, producing NiMH batteries with longer lifespans, faster charging times, and better energy density.

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    Experienced battery R&D team

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    Reasons for choose us

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