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Choose the Right Battery for Emergency Signs and Lights
Discover the best batteries for emergency signs and lights. Weijiang Battery offers NiMH and lithium packs for reliable, long-lasting performance. Learn more!

Today, let's delve into a critical aspect of your products: the batteries that power them during crucial moments. As a leading manufacturer of NiMH and lithium battery packs, Weijiang Battery is here to guide you through the maze of battery options, ensuring your emergency signage and lighting systems shine bright when it matters most.


In the realm of emergency lighting, not all batteries are created equal. To guarantee uninterrupted functionality and peace of mind, selecting the appropriate battery type is paramount. Let's explore four main types commonly used in emergency exit signage and lighting:

Lead Calcium Batteries:

Known for their reliability and longevity, lead calcium batteries are a popular choice for emergency lighting applications. Their robust construction makes them ideal for enduring demanding conditions, ensuring your lights stay illuminated when power fails.

Ni-Cad (Nickel-Cadmium) Batteries:

With a proven track record in emergency lighting, Ni-Cad batteries offer high energy density and excellent performance over numerous charge cycles. They're particularly suitable for applications requiring frequent recharging and rapid power delivery.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries:

Embraced for their lightweight design and impressive energy density, lithium iron phosphate batteries are gaining traction in the emergency lighting industry. These batteries provide extended runtimes and enhanced safety features, making them an attractive option for modern emergency signage systems.

Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) Batteries:

NiMH batteries strike a balance between performance and affordability, making them a versatile choice for emergency lighting applications. With advancements in technology, NiMH batteries offer improved energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact, aligning perfectly with sustainability goals.

At Weijiang Battery, we specialize in crafting high-quality NiMHand lithium battery packs tailored to your specific needs. Our extensive experience and dedication to innovation ensure that your emergency signs and lights receive the power they deserve, keeping your customers safe and satisfied.


Whether you're retrofitting existing systems or embarking on new installations, choosing the right battery is a decision not to be taken lightly. With Weijiang Battery by your side, you can rest assured knowing that your emergency signage and lighting solutions are backed by reliable, high-performance batteries.

Don't compromise on safety or reliability. Elevate your emergency signage and lighting systems with Weijiang Battery's NiMH and lithium battery packs. Contact us today to explore how we can empower your products with unparalleled performance and durability. Together, let's light the way to a safer tomorrow.

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