Custom T-Box Ni-MH Battery ODM/OEM
Custom T-Box Ni-MH Battery ODM/OEM
Vehicle T-BOX battery uses a wide temperature nickel-metal hydride battery, the battery performance is relatively excellent. A custom T-Box Ni-MH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) battery for vehicles is a specialized power solution designed to operate under a wide range of environmental conditions. This type of battery is essential for the vehicle's T-BOX, which functions similarly to the black box in aircraft. The T-BOX's role is critical as it automatically sends distress signals in the event of an accident, facilitating quick rescue operations.
Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack For T-BOX
Telematics-BOX, Telematics-Related, Ecall, OBD, Bcall AAA 500mAh 3.6V, TS16949 Approval Product Size: Thickness 10, Width 32, Height 47 (Max, mm)
Nominal voltage: 3.6V
Nominal capacity: 500 mAh
Charging Voltage: 4.5V
Discharge termination voltage: 3.0V
Working Temperature Range: Charging: – 40℃~85℃ Discharge: – 40℃~80℃
Storage Temperature Range: Storage (1 year) – 20℃to + 25℃, Storage (6 months) – 20 to + 35 C, Storage (3 months) – 20℃ to + 45℃.
Standard Charging: 0.1C Charging for 16 hours
Standard discharge: 0.2C to 3V
Fast charging: 0.5C charging for 2.4 hours
Fast discharge: 1.0C to 20.0V
Cycle life: 1000
Battery weight: 300g
Battery Outfit: PC
Certification: UL, CE, IEC62133, Reach, RoHS, PSE, KC, BIS, TS16949
Product features:

1. High and low-temperature efficiency, charging and discharging efficiency of -40℃ and 85℃ is better than Pa**nic and V***A. Welcome, ask sample for testing. Product features:
2. 13 domestic car factories and 3 European car factories are using it.
3. The over-discharge capacity recovered to 80%.
4. The cycle life can reach 1000.

Application: TBOX, Telematics Box, Telematics-related, Ecall, OBD, Bcall

Custom T-Box Ni-MH Battery
Custom T-Box Ni-MH Battery
1. What is a Custom T-Box Ni-MH Battery?

A custom T-Box Ni-MH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) battery is a specialized battery designed and tailored to meet the specific requirements of a vehicle's T-BOX. It provides reliable power under various environmental conditions to ensure the T-BOX functions correctly, particularly during emergencies.

2. Why should I choose a custom Ni-MH battery for my vehicle's T-BOX?

Choosing a custom Ni-MH battery ensures that the battery fits perfectly within the specific design parameters of your vehicle's T-BOX, offering optimal performance, reliability, and longevity. Customization allows for adjustments in size, capacity, voltage, and connectors.

3. What environmental conditions can a custom T-Box Ni-MH battery withstand?

A custom T-Box Ni-MH battery is designed to operate efficiently across a wide temperature range, from extreme cold to intense heat, ensuring reliable performance in diverse environmental conditions.

4. How does the customization process work for T-Box Ni-MH batteries?

The customization process involves understanding the specific needs and requirements of the vehicle manufacturer, designing a battery that meets those needs, developing prototypes for testing, and then producing the final product to match the approved specifications.

5. What are the advantages of using Ni-MH batteries in T-BOX applications?

Ni-MH batteries are preferred for T-BOX applications due to their wide temperature range operation, high reliability, safety features, long life cycle, and environmental friendliness.

6. How long does a custom T-Box Ni-MH battery typically last?

The lifespan of a custom T-Box Ni-MH battery varies depending on usage and environmental factors but is generally designed for long-term use to reduce the need for frequent replacements and ensure consistent performance.

7. Are custom T-Box Ni-MH batteries safe?

Yes, custom T-Box Ni-MH batteries are designed with safety in mind. They offer features like resistance to overcharging, thermal stability, and a lower risk of leakage or explosion, making them a safe choice for vehicle applications.

8. Can custom T-Box Ni-MH batteries be integrated with existing T-BOX systems?

Yes, custom T-Box Ni-MH batteries can be designed to seamlessly integrate with existing T-BOX systems, ensuring compatibility with the vehicle’s electronics and communication systems.

9.What support is available after purchasing a custom T-Box Ni-MH battery?

Manufacturers typically offer comprehensive support, including technical assistance, warranty services, and guidance on installation and maintenance to ensure the battery performs optimally throughout its lifespan.

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