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What is a T-box, and what kind of battery does a T-box use?
Due to the demanding car Telematics Box battery environment, NiMH batteries are predominantly used as they currently best meet the operational requirements.

The Telematics Box, commonly known as the vehicle T-Box, is a crucial component of the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) system, comprising the host computer, vehicle-mounted T-Box, mobile app, and backend system. The host computer focuses on in-car audio-visual entertainment and vehicle information display. Meanwhile, the vehicle-mounted T-Box facilitates communication with the backend system and mobile app, enabling vehicle information display and control through the mobile app.

The Function of T-box

 T-Box uses 4G/5G remote wireless communication, GPS satellite positioning, acceleration sensing and CAN communication functions to realize a variety of online applications, including vehicle remote monitoring, remote control, safety monitoring and alarm, and remote diagnosis.


Where is the T-Box installed in vehicles?

The installation locations of the T-Box vary among different manufacturers and models. Common installation positions include inside the dashboard, next to the accelerator pedal, under the driver/passenger seat, inside the vehicle's center console, within the glove box, and in the gearbox. When collecting evidence related to the T-Box, it is typically necessary to remove the module from the vehicle and employ specific evidence-collection tools. Due to the variable installation positions of the T-Box, disassembly should be carried out by a professional repair shop or the after-sales department of a 4S store.


The car's on-board T-Box, often referred to as the vehicle's "black box," holds undeniable significance. Consequently, many countries mandate the installation of onboard T-Boxes during vehicle manufacturing. Given the demanding operational conditions faced by the onboard T-Box, there are stringent performance requirements for its battery. What type of battery should be employed in the onboard T-Box to ensure both safety and compliance with the challenging working environment?

The battery for the vehicle T-Box must exhibit a broad operating temperature range of -40 °C to +80°C, ensuring normal functionality within this spectrum. Presently, high-performance wide-temperature nickel-metal hydride batteries are widely employed, with models such as AAA500, AAA600, AA1000, and AA1300mAh being prevalent.

In this context, AAA500 and AAA600 denote AAA nickel-metal hydride batteries, commonly known as AA batteries, with capacities of 500mAh and 600mAh, respectively. Similarly, AA1000 and AA1300 refer to AA nickel-metal hydride batteries, also known as AA batteries, featuring capacities of 1000mAh and 1300mAh, respectively.

3.6v nimh

As a complex electronic system with Internet functions, the automobile on-board system stores massive, high-value electronic data. With the gradual penetration and development of the Internet of Vehicles and the real-time demand of new energy vehicle companies for vehicle battery and vehicle status information, the Internet of Vehicles terminal T-Box, as the main data recording device on the vehicle, provides more favorable conditions for automotive electronic data evidence collection. Conditions, and at the same time, provide a more reliable basis and more effective means for government supervision and traffic accident identification, improve data accuracy, and reduce accident identification costs.It is necessary for T-Box to use stable and safe batteries.

Due to the demanding working conditions of car T-Box batteries, the predominant choice in the current market is Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries. This preference is attributed not only to their alignment with operational requirements but also to their cost-effectiveness. Among the various NiMH battery models, including AAA500, AAA600, AA1000, and AA1300mAh, Weijiang Battery, a reputable manufacturer specializing in high-performance NiMH batteries, offers a diverse range that meets the stringent demands of T-Box applications in harsh environments.

For those seeking reliable NiMH batteries, Weijiang is committed to delivering top-notch products and services. Our portfolio includes commercial NiMH batteries for everyday applications and industrial-grade NiMH batteries designed for professional use, all offered at competitive prices. Drawing upon years of expertise and continuous innovation, Weijiang Power provides NiMH battery solutions renowned for their performance, reliability, and sustainability. With an annual production exceeding 219 million units, our NiMH batteries meet the evolving needs of modern devices. Explore our comprehensive NiMH battery range to discover the ideal solution for your requirements.

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