How to condition and use NiMH battery pack FAQ

Q: how to cycle nimh battery packs?

A:Short circuit and overcurrent protection of battery pack:During the charging and discharging process of the battery pack, when the current acquisition channel detects that the current is greater than 4A, the battery pack management system turns off the charging and discharging at the same time through the central control module, and stops charging and discharging; after the charging and discharging are turned off for 10 minutes, the battery pack Through the central control module, the management system turns on the charging switch and the discharging switch at the same time to continue charging and discharging.

Q:How to revive NiMH battery pack?

A:Use DVM to measure the total output voltage of the battery pack.

Caleulation=Total output voltage the number of cells.

If the result is less than 1.0V/eell,then you may to revive the pack.

 Customized Ni-MH battery

Q:What are the best applications for NiMH battery packs?

A:Most applications with high energy consumption and demands are where NiMH battery packs excel.

Q:Does the case for NiMH custom battery packs require a vent similar to Lithium chemistry?

A:The main gases released by NiMH batteries when they are overcharged or overdischarged are hydrogen and oxygen. The battery case should not be airtight and should be strategically ventilated. Isolation of the battery from heat-generating components and ventilation around the battery will also reduce thermal stress on the battery and simplify the design of a proper charging system.

Qhow to test nimh battery pack

A:Ni-MH battery packs can be tested with analytical instruments

Q: how to condition nimh battery packs?

A: There is a short circuit inside the battery that prevents the battery from charging, most of us would want to throw it away, but you can repair NiMH batteries that will last longer and save money

Q: how to recharge nimh battery pack?

A:NiMH batteries include 3.6V, 4.8V, 6V, 7.2V, 8.4V, 9.6V and 12V. The battery parameter arrangement and plug description are detailed under the battery diagram.

How to buy products

1. Select the V number and arrangement style of the battery in the battery parameters

2. Select the interface style of the battery in the battery interface

Use of NiMH battery packs

1. When charging, keep away from flammable items. Overcharging may cause the battery to explode.

2. If the battery has been cracked, please treat it in green immediately and cannot be reused.

3. Connecting the positive and negative poles will lead to a short circuit of the battery and the danger of explosion.

4. The battery damage and injury caused by not following the prompts shall be borne by the user.

5. The battery damage caused by artificial overcharge and overdischarge cannot be returned or exchanged.

6. Do not perform charging and discharging operations unattended, as accidents are prone to occur.

Process of producing Ni-MH battery

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