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Certificates required to import batteries to Europe
Our factory, experienced in customizing batteries, faces EU compliance challenges. Help you Learn about key certificates for importing batteries into Europe.

As we proudly support the customization of nickel-metal hydride batteries, alkaline batteries, and button cells, we want to assure you that navigating the European market's compliance requirements is a challenge we embrace. Europe, being a pivotal market for batteries, demands a comprehensive set of certificates and standards to ensure the quality, safety, and environmental compatibility of batteries. In this article, we highlight the key certificates required for importing batteries into Europe, and rest assured, our factory has you covered.

CE Marking

Introduction: The CE marking is your assurance that our batteries comply with European regulations.
Applicability: Every battery leaving our factory for the European market proudly bears the CE marking.
Process: We conduct a rigorous conformity assessment to demonstrate adherence to European regulatory requirements.

ROHS Compliance Certificate

Introduction: The ROHS directive ensures the responsible use of hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment.
Applicability: Our factory ensures that batteries comply with the ROHS directive's stringent requirements.
Process: Through meticulous laboratory testing and document review, we guarantee that hazardous substances in our batteries meet specified restrictions.

REACH Registration

Introduction: The REACH regulation safeguards human health and the environment by regulating chemical substances.
Applicability: Our factory registers batteries if they use chemical substances subject to REACH regulation.
Process: We diligently submit REACH registration documents, ensuring approval for the use of chemical substances.

Battery Directive Compliance Certificate

Introduction: The European Battery Directive emphasizes environmentally friendly battery design and recycling.
Applicability: Batteries from our factory destined for Europe adhere to the Battery Directive's requirements.
Process: Thorough testing and document review are conducted to ensure our batteries meet the directive's specifications.
Transport Labels and Packaging Requirements

Introduction: We meticulously follow IATA and IMDG standards for safe battery transport and packaging.
Applicability: All batteries imported to Europe from our factory adhere to strict IATA and IMDG guidelines.
Process: Our commitment to adhering to international standards ensures the safe transportation of batteries.

MSDS Report (Material Safety Data Sheet)

Introduction: The MSDS report provides comprehensive material information and safety guidance.
Applicability: We provide an MSDS report for transparency and to ensure the safety of our product materials.
Process: Submission of an MSDS report with detailed material information and safety instructions.

Before entering the European market, our factory will ensure that battery products are certified with the above certificates to improve the market access rate of the products and demonstrate our commitment to product quality, safety and environmental protection to customers. At the same time, we will continue to pay attention to updates to European regulations to maintain product compliance and meet market demand.


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