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The CR123A battery is a primary lithium battery widely used in various electronic devices, including flashlights, cameras, and medical equipment. Known for its high energy density, long shelf life, and reliability, the CR123A battery is a popular choice for industries that require dependable power sources for critical applications. Whether in the military, law enforcement, medical, or industrial field, the CR123A battery is a reliable and efficient power source. The CR123A battery is a cylindrical-shaped lithium primary battery with a diameter of 17mm and a length of 34mm. It is slightly larger than a standard AA battery. 

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    1. Experienced battery R&D team

    Experienced battery R&D team, more than 1000+ battery type R&D cases for your reference

    Experienced battery R&D team

    2. Planned battery storage system

    Planned battery storage system to ensure the quality of your productsPlanned battery storage system

    3. Packaging system

    Packaging system – we support OEMODM customizable packaging

    Packaging system

    4. 100% full inspection of shipments

    100% full inspection of shipments, truly zero complaints, Perfect quality control physique to package your products with perfect quality.

    full inspection of shipments

    5. Our own logistics follow-up system

    Our own logistics follow-up system ensures the safety of your goods

    Our own logistics follow-up system

    6. The No. 1 battery factory in China’s e-commerce platform

    The battery factory in China's e-commerce platform

    7. The process is meticulous and the service is professional

    What we will do if you do bussines with us?The process is meticulous and the service is professional. In the past 12 years, we have served hundreds of thousands of different customers.

    Reasons for choose us

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