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Factory direct sales of customized 3.6v Ni-MH rechargeable battery packs, our company is the largest export rechargeable battery factory in China, cooperates with 1000 buyers, obtained 30 patents, and has a group of excellent R&D teams
3.6v nimh rechargeable battery pack main use: for remote control boats, remote control cars, remote control electric toys, lighting, security facilities, power tools, model cars, etc.
How to choose the right battery pack correctly
●The voltage of the battery pack is the same as that of the original battery pack (ie the same V number).
●The shape and size of the battery pack is the same as the original battery pack.
The battery pack plug and positive and negative poles are the same as the original battery pack
●The number of milliamps (mAh) does not affect the use. The higher the number of milliamps, the longer the use time.
NiMH and NiCd can be used universally as long as the voltage is the same

Daily Output of 600,000 Batteries
Free Samples Available
Custom Battery Pack Service


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nimh rechargeable battery pack accepts custom parameters
①Customized voltage: 2.4/3.6/4.8/6/7.2/9.6/12V, etc.
②Customized shape: one-line, pin-shaped, T-shaped, x-shaped, H-shaped, M-shaped, etc. (series and parallel as needed)
③Customized plugs: SM plugs, JST plugs, Odamiya round hole plugs, 2p, 3p plugs, etc.
④Single electric capacity: 600-2600mah optional (real capacity is not false standard)
⑤Customized packaging: green industrial packaging (customized sleeves can be sprayed)
Charge Time Calculation
1. When the charging current is less than or equal to 5% of the battery capacity:
Charging time (hours) = battery capacity (mAh) × 1.6 ÷ charging current (MA)
2. When the charging current is greater than 5% of the battery capacity and less than or equal to 10%:
Charging time (hours) = battery capacity (mAh) × 1.5 ÷ charging current (MA)
3. When the charging current is greater than 10% of the battery capacity and less than or equal to 15%: charging time (hours) = battery capacity (mAh) × 1.3 ÷ charging current (MA)
4. The charging current is greater than 15% of the battery capacity and less than or equal to 20%: charging time (hours) = battery capacity (mAh) × 1.2 ÷ charging current (MA)
5. The charging current is greater than 20% of the battery capacity: charging time (hours) = battery capacity (mAh) × 1.1 ÷ charging current (MA)
Matters Needing Attention
1. Make sure the battery is clean and distinguish the positive and negative electrodes before use. (The red wire represents the positive pole, and the black or blue wire represents the negative pole).
2. The use of electrical appliances requires the correct installation of the battery. Do not place the battery near fire, incineration, short-circuit, or decomposition, and avoid direct sunlight and moisture.
3. Do not mix old and new batteries with different types of batteries
4. Please keep the original packaging before use. If the product is not used for a long time, please remove the battery.

Small order & competitive price.

Focus on battery solutions for over 12 years.

OEM and customize available.


Brand Weijiang
Model NI-MH
Voltage 3.6Volts
Battery Capacity custom
Recommended Uses For custom
Nominal Capacity Customize
Recommended Uses For cordless phones
Applications Electronic equipment toys, photographic equipment, mobile power

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Do mAh Cordless Phone Batteries Matter?

Higher battery mAh means a charged battery can power the phone for longer than a phone using the same amount of power from apps, wifi, gaming, and other uses, but with a lower mAh capacity. This is even better when you need a battery for use.

What are the uses of 3.6V batteries?

3.6V lithium batteries are used in a variety of technical devices, including wireless alarms, memory backups, barcode scanners, electronics and diving equipment.

Can I put a higher mAh battery in a cordless phone?

Most AAA cordless phone batteries are 1.2V; never use non-rechargeable 1.5V batteries as this is dangerous.

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    1. Experienced battery R&D team

    Experienced battery R&D team, more than 1000+ battery type R&D cases for your reference

    Experienced battery R&D team

    2. Planned battery storage system

    Planned battery storage system to ensure the quality of your productsPlanned battery storage system

    3. Packaging system

    Packaging system – we support OEMODM customizable packaging

    Packaging system

    4. 100% full inspection of shipments

    100% full inspection of shipments, truly zero complaints, Perfect quality control physique to package your products with perfect quality.

    full inspection of shipments

    5. Our own logistics follow-up system

    Our own logistics follow-up system ensures the safety of your goods

    Our own logistics follow-up system

    6. The No. 1 battery factory in China’s e-commerce platform

    The battery factory in China's e-commerce platform

    7. The process is meticulous and the service is professional

    What we will do if you do bussines with us?The process is meticulous and the service is professional. In the past 12 years, we have served hundreds of thousands of different customers.

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